Michael Grant Lyons

Michael Lyons


Salam alaykum! My name is Mike Lyons, and I’m from Ontario, Canada. I have been an
elementary teacher for over 8 years, and have taught in countries like Australia, Qatar, Mexico,
Jordan, and Kuwait. I received my BA from McMaster University in Canada, and my teaching
degree from Australia. I have visited Egypt once before, and I absolutely love the culture, food,
and history, so I am really looking forward to making Cairo my new home. My favourite aspects
of teaching and learning are building relationships, and finding opportunities to facilitate a
diverse learning community built on empathy and resepct. I love helping students discover how
they learn best, and to nurture their curiosity, and emotional needs as well. I am really looking
forward to being a part of the BCISS family, and helping wherever, and however I can!