Merey Fam


Hello! My name is Merey Fam and I am thrilled to be your son/daughter’s teacher. This will be my first year teaching at BCCIS and I very much look foward to it! I have completed my Undergraduate studies in Psychology and Neuroscience in Canada. I then obtained my teaching degree from Ottawa University with a Specialization in Science and that was when my teaching journey had then begun! In the past, I have worked in different Schooling Systems and countries which allowed me to connect with students of diverse backgrounds and cultures. I have experience teaching Grades 6,7,8, and 9, both in Egypt and Sweden, a variety of Subjects. Teaching brings me joy as it allows me to connect with my students and see as they master a new skill, whether socially or academically. When I am not teaching, I enjoy travelling, camping, diving, and socializing!