Asmaa Abouzad


I am very excited to be teaching Grade 2 at BCCIS in Cairo, Egypt. Although I grew up in Toronto, Ontario, I was born in Cairo, Egypt and I am thrilled to be teaching here. My teaching journey began in 2013 with my experience focused in primary education KG-Grade 6. I completed my postgraduate studies and received a Masters in Child Study and Education from the University of Toronto. I continue to look for opportunities for professional development as I have a strong believe that I am a student myself. In my classroom every student is a teacher because they are able to bring their experience and knowledge to share with all of us. My teaching philosophy is strongly influenced by inquiry as it allows the students to experience the learning and feed their curious minds. I hope to inspire my students to have a growth mindset and a love for learning as I do. When I am not teaching I love being outdoors and enjoy doing activities in nature. I consider outdoor education to be just as important as any learning happening in the classroom and will give my students the opportunity to explore the outdoors whenever possible.