Hanan Salah El Dien Soliman

Hanan Soliman


My name is Hanan Soliman. I’m excited to join BCCIS and thrilled to be back to Egypt!
I earned my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Political Science from the American University in Cairo, as well as my Bachelor of Education and Master of Education degrees from the University of Toronto. I’m a certified High School Teacher in Ontario where I have been teaching senior High School Humanities and Social Studies courses, such as Global Politics, World Issues and Canadian and International Law, for the past 18 years.
I have a passion for teaching Humanities and Social Studies courses because they allow students to personally and academically flourish while developing their global citizenship commitments. I enjoy incorporating the students’ different learning needs and preferences by focusing on inquiry-based learning and co-constructing assessment criteria with the students, so they take ownership of their own education process as well as achieve excellence and success.
I look forward to an interactive and resourceful environment of creativity and free thinking alongside BCCIS students and staff.

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