Engy Abdallah

Elementary Vice Principal

Warm greetings BCCIS families! I am Engy Abdallah, the Elementary Vice Principal. I have been a part of the BCCIS family as a BC-certified teacher for over seven years. I can attest to the amazing school environment and education here, as my own children have proudly graduated from BCCIS and transitioned into the top universities in Toronto, Canada. I am a long-life learner; I am furthering my education by completing my master’s in Inclusive Education (Advanced Practice) at the University of Charles Sturt. In this beautiful journey of progressing and watching the school continue to achieve new heights. I am honoured to bring my Western expertise and strong educational background to empower students to develop personal responsibility, independence, and a passion for their interests. I am excited to appreciate the incredible BCCIS family values and multiculturalism traditions as there is no better place for your child. I am enthusiastic about being a part of a great community where we can together instill virtues, celebrate diversity, and empower our students to seek their full potential.

I welcome you once again to our school and hope to meet you in person soon!

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