Admissions for the academic year 2023/2024 now open

Welcome to BCCIS.

We appreciate your interest in our school and we look forward to having your children join the world-class education at BCCIS.  Feel free to scan through the frequently asked questions for answers to some of your questions, but the easiest way to begin is to book an orientation to see the success of BCCIS education first hand.  We hope that you book your orientation soon and look forward to seeing you!

Admission Form

Please fill the Application Form found here, and the school will contact you shortly after

We encourage every interested parent to book a personal tour of BCCIS at any time.  Not only will you be able to get your questions answered but you will be able to see the success of BCCIS education with your own eyes.  You can use the form above to book the orientation. We hope that you will contact us soon and we look forward to showing you around the school.

Here are a list of the main things that set BCCIS apart from other schools.  For a full description of BCCIS, we would encourage you to book a personal tour using the form above.


Students that attend BCCIS receive the same educational opportunities that Canadian students in BC receive.  As a result, hardworking BCCIS graduates can attend any university in the world.  The BC Ministry of Education in Canada comes to BCCIS every year to evaluate the correctness of BCCIS curriculum in the classrooms.  To find out more about our school’s accreditation, visit our accreditation page.

Canadian Certified Teachers

Only fully certified teachers are permitted by the Ministry of Education resulting in a highly qualified, Canadian teaching staff.  To see a list of our current teaching and support staff, check out our staff and faculty page.

Highly Respected Diploma

Canada is in a unique position geographically next to the USA while maintaining many ties to the UK.  Partly as a result of these good international relationships, Canadian education has garnered respect worldwide.  Universities all over the world accept Canadian graduates with little or no difficulty.

Licensed by the Egyptian Ministry of Education

Students graduating from BCCIS receive two diplomas: one from the Canadian government and one from the Egyptian government.  This gives BCCIS graduates even more flexibility as they pursue post-secondary education.


BCCIS takes pride on an admissions policy that does not discriminate against any child or their family. All children are welcome to apply to BCCIS regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or religion.

Holistic Evaluation:

Standardized testing is a critical component of the BC Ministry of Education’s standard.  Nevertheless, the learning process, critical thinking and creative problem solving are also important parts of learning that BC education does not ignore.  The result is an education system that produces students capable of more than test writing while still being held to a high educational standard.

BCCIS is a Canadian school based on the Canadian province of BC’s curriculum.  In Canada, there is a separate Ministry of Education for each province.  As a result, all international Canadian schools are also attached to a province of Canada.  Canadian education has a unique place in the world because of Canada’s close ties with both the UK and the USA.  This means that Canadian graduates do not have any problems attending universities worldwide.

The assessments vary depending on the grade your child is applying for:


  • Questions based primarily on family background, behavior, social readiness and language acquisition.
  • Demonstration of emerging skills in the area of age appropriate social/emotional maturity, language development (the ability to communicate through speech) and fine motor skills (age appropriate expectations of physical skills.

Grade 1:

  • Verbal and non-verbal comprehension and reasoning.
  • Written comprehension and reasoning.

Grade 2-6:

  • Verbal and non-verbal comprehension and reasoning.
  • Written comprehension and reasoning.
  • English, math, reading comprehension, and composition assessments.

Grade 7-9:

  • Verbal and non-verbal comprehension and reasoning.
  • Written comprehension and reasoning.
  • English, math, reading comprehension, and composition assessments.

Grade 10:

  • Verbal and non-verbal comprehension and reasoning.
  • Written comprehension and reasoning.
  • English, math, reading comprehension, and composition assessments.

Grade 11-12:

  • Students must transfer from another BC school or, in some cases, from a school accredited by another province in Canada.

Generally, the admission process is a two-step process: orientation and admission.  The orientation step is when you book a meeting with the admissions office (using the form above) to come see the school, get answers to your questions and receive any paperwork that needs to be completed.  After orientation, the admission step is when you book a second meeting where you submit your completed paperwork and payment to finalize the admission process.  Sometime during your orientation or admission visit your child will be assessed.

Some of the paperwork you will need:

  • An original, computer-generated birth certificate.
  • A stamped report card from the previous school.
  • School transfer papers stamped by the educational district.
  • A successful statement from the educational district.
  • Four recent, personal sized photos.
  • The completed application form (obtained at the orientation).
  • A photocopy of their passport.
  • A photocopy of the vaccination records (required for preschool and kindergarten only)
  • A behavior certificate from the previous school (required for grade 1-12)

BCCIS has an open admission policy, which means we will accept applications at any time of the year (providing there is enough space).  Nevertheless, students are encouraged to enroll for September or, if necessary, January.

BCCIS follows this yearly schedule:

 Term 1-2:  September to December
 Term 3-4:  January to June

Minimum ages prior to October 1 the first year of admission:

Pre-school: 2 years + 6 months
KG 1: 3 years + 6 months
KG 2: 4 years + 6 months