Samah El Mansy

KG2 Director Assistant

Hello everyone!
I am Samah Elmansy, I am currently working in KG2 building as Director’s
I have been working with Early Years for almost 15 years. This will be my 8th
year working at BCCIS, I have worked with various grade levels in BCCIS
starting from preschool till KG2, and I am grateful for that.
I am Ms. Margaret’s assistant in KG2, I will be responsible for all the Logistics,
events, and administrative work in KG2 department, in addition to my
favorite part ESL with children who need extra support in school.
I received my teaching degree from Modern Montessori International
(MMI) in the United Kingdom; as well as my Positive Discipline parent
educator certificate. Along with psychology course, readings,
commitment, dedication and other personal skills which allowed me to
gain acceptance and trust.
And because I believe how psychology is essential for early years, I have
started my Psychology Masters degree from Liverpool University in England.
I am looking forward to another great school year in BCCIS!

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