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Pakinam Elwy


Welcome to a new school year!
My name is Pakinam Elwy and I am elated to introduce myself as your child’s new Kindergarten teacher!

BCCIS has been my second home for the past seven (going on eight) years and I’ve been teaching Kindergarten for 4 years. I had known all along that I have a passion for teaching, and I started my teaching career right away, which was 10 years ago. I received my Early Childhood Teaching Diploma from Modern Montessori International in UK back in 2012 and I am currently taking more teaching courses in Trinity Western University in British Columbia, Canada.

My work philosophy is that: anyone can learn, I (teacher) just need to figure out how. I expect the students to be ready every day, and to have had enough sleep and a nutritious breakfast. I also expect and encourage them to communicate with me any issues they might have at school (or personal) whether it is social or academic.

I believe that each child brings their own unique talents, personality, and experiences to share in our classroom. I look forward to learning with your child and sharing curriculum with them that is enriching and nourishes their curiosity helping them to develop a passion for learning and a desire to explore the world around them.
Together we will be setting up a classroom environment that promotes learning and growth. We understand that the process takes time and students will face obstacles throughout that journey. We will empower them by promoting the use of choices and consequences in order to learn lifelong skills. We will also cover a wide range of academic goals that will be covered in the weekly newsletters. To ensure a wonderful year, please help your child by reinforcing skills that we are working on in the classroom and by reading to your child daily.

Please do not hesitate to communicate any concerns or queries you might have on my email: p.elwy@bccis.ca

I look forward to working with your children this year and hope it will be a blast!

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