Erica Poor


It is with great excitement and energy that I join the BCCIS family. I am a passionate Canadian educator from London, Ontario. I attended Brock University where I acquired my Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts in their renowned Concurrent Education program. After university, I moved to Wuhan, China where I taught grade 10 and 11 English Literature and Physical Education for 2 years at an accredited BC Offshore School. Following my experience in China, I moved to Maracaibo, Venezuela to teach grades 4 and 5 at an elite American International School for 3 years. I have since acquired my Master of Science from the State University of New York College at Buffalo. One of my greatest hobbies in life is movement. I love to move in many capacities including sports, weight lifting, crossfit, yoga, and hiking. In regards to large-scale movement, I love to travel. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn and travel through South East Asia, Australia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Each and every experience has taught me more about different cultures, perspectives, human interconnections, the value of relationships and experiential learning.
My Educational Philosophy:
As a facilitator of meaning making, I believe every child needs to make unique connections in their unique minds to understand important concepts and skills. To ensure students are making meaning, I must first understand the multiple intelligence of each child and honor those specific learning strengths each day. Every child is capable of success in all subject areas. With support, inspiration, exploration, and a positive attitude, I believe every student can achieve their potential. My overall goal as a teacher is to make sure students learn to think creatively and critically about the world, and find their passion for learning.