Our students at BCCIS are growing up in a time when they are connected to other parts of the world more closely than any other period in history. It is therefore important that we create opportunities for them to experience and understand the language, cultural, economic and political similarities and differences among people and countries from across the globe.

We have created a significant ‘global opportunity’ by becoming a fully accredited British Columbia, Canada Offshore School. Using the B.C. curriculum, our K-12 students learn to take risks, work collaboratively in groups, communicate their ideas effectively in different ways and develop inquiring minds and self-discipline. The development of these skills will ensure they will be able to be better global citizens.

International travel is another form of global learning at BCCIS and trips to other parts of Egypt, Africa and Europe are an annual occurrence. Rather than just reading about other countries in a textbook our students have the opportunity to experience them first hand.

Students and sponsoring teachers participate in overseas trips that vary from year to year. The following is an example of a typical year with respect to such trips:

  • Elementary students – desert trips
  • Grade 7 – Nile Cruise
  • Grade 8 – Rome or Turkey
  • Grade 9 – Paris and surrounding area
  • Grade 10 – Kenya
  • Grade 11 – Austria
  • Grade 12 – Paris/Rome/ Prague/Bali/ or Barcelona

Where do we prepare our students to go?

We are extremely proud of our BCCIS graduates, as virtually all of them have taken the skills, knowledge and attitudes learned through the B.C. curriculum and overseas field experiences to transition into universities in Egypt and around the globe.