Lesley Lacroix

What an exciting start to our 2020-21 school year.  Even behind our masks we could see the ear to ear grins and hear the joyous laughter of our students as they came back to school for the first time in 6 months!!!   How lovely it has been to hear the sound of children’s chatter, watching them hard at work in their classrooms, while their teachers work diligently to ensure students are kept safe and healthy.  I am so very proud of the hard work that our entire team has put together to ensure our youngest learners in grades 1 – 3 can attend school daily, and that our grades 4 – 7 students have a learning space that allows for rich educational opportunities along with the required social distancing.  BCCIS has proven in the toughest of times that we can overcome the most difficult of challenges.  We do this so well because we truly are a family.  Welcome back to school everyone!

— Lesley Lacroix

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