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Evan Fisher


My name is Evan Fisher, and I am returning for a second year at BCCIS. I graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford British Colombia, and have spent a great deal of time studying the hardships of others—both in history and literature. I believe that the stories we weave, as individuals and as communities, provide a seemingly paradoxical need for both pessimism and optimism. Humanity is composed of such a mix of stupidity and beauty that one cannot stare into the soul of a society or one’s own self without both gasping in horror and tearing up at the splendor of what we are capable of. It is my goal to help my students uncover how they can flourish as individuals, as well as contribute to the communities they are a part of, in a world that is increasingly becoming interconnected. When not in the classroom, you can usually find me exploring, either physically or intellectually.

-Evan Fisher

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