BCCIS Received The Fourth Cultural box

Ms. Nesreen Noureldin, the Head of Arabic Department, received the fourth international culture box  from South Korea.

BCCIS is in a collaboration with SADONG High school since last year doing educational projects under the British council and ministry of education supervision.

Culture box is an international educational popular activity and has a prominent feature in international learning, students collect items to represent their country’s culture(creative work, students handmade products,school supplies,traditional staff ….etc ). Our project is on (reusing) so they attached fantastic reused items
Specifically made for BCCIS, as they had BCCIS printed on Marble , tree trunks key chains and paper fans.

The media gives this event a special interest, we had national and international newspapers writing about exchanging of culture box with BCCIS as well as T.V interviews.

It’s very beneficial for the students in both countries, as it opens up the window for the students to be global citizens ,have a good understanding of other cultures, create an overseas interactive educational environment and gain insight into other peoples’ reality in their national and local community ,as well as gives the students in both countries a sense of pride when they see their work and achievements in a different country.