Our Story

We are a school that cares about the future of the children. We offer our students one of the best educational system world wide, Which is the British Columbia educational system


Who We Are

BCCIS opened its doors to 27 students and their families in September 2005. Since then, we have multiplied to a community of 800 students and over 100 staff members. Our small beginning was five classes across the school, from preschool to Grade 6; now, we hold over forty classes from Preschool to Grade 12. Early on, our Early Child Education (ECE) department, which hosts Preschool and Kindergarten 1, has outgrown us and moved on to their own peaceful quarters adjacent to the main building. Following in their footsteps was the Kindergarten 2 stage, also moving on to their own haven and slowly allowing the young students to transition to the ‘big school’.

Every year, our graduating classes continue to make us proud by moving on to higher education and taking all they learned and have become at BCCIS around the world. We have the pleasure to open our doors to our alumni students who continually return to visit the home they left behind at BCCIS.

BCCIS was started by a family and family values remain the core of our philosophy. From the groundkeepers to the graduating senior to the BC teacher from Vancouver, we are all one, and we all share a home at BCCIS.

Our Mission

“Striving for excellence today; preparing students to succeed in a challenging world tomorrow.”

Our Vision

“At BCCIS we encourage the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors and the acceptance of responsibility for the enrichment of society.”

BCCIS Beliefs

All our students are entitled to:

“The highest educational standards that foster intellectual and individual growth.
A stimulating, joyful education that embodies internationally respected values and qualities.”

All students should learn to:

  • Be independent
  • Confront and overcome problems
  • Be decision makers
  • Access; analyze; and apply information
  • Use technology to facilitate learning
  • Be active and responsible participants in learning
  • Use everyday experiences to achieve their full potential
  • Be dynamic contributors to society

School Profile

Meet The Team

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Lisa Van Es

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